It’s not just Burton Sweet who believe in business planning. Recent research has suggested that failure to plan could be costing Britain’s small businesses up to £25bn a year.

According to research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), over a quarter of SMEs in Britain (26%) are risking their financial wellbeing by failing to follow a business plan. These firms are tending to operate without any objectives, revenue targets or a plan to manage cash flow.

Why create and follow a business plan?

Implementing a business plan can have an extremely positive effect on revenue and growth.

The research found that over half (51%) of the UK’s best performing SMEs are working to a detailed business plan, and anticipate an increase in their expected year-on-year revenue growth as a result

Laura Holdgate, Senior Economist at CEBR, said:

“The research suggests that more effective business planning among the UK’s SMEs is directly linked to better business performance. SMEs have the potential to experience higher turnover growth as a result of more effective business planning, in turn boosting UK plc.”

Effective business planners also expect to see higher revenue growth than average (e.g. 8.2% instead of 6.6%), according to CEBR. This equates to a potential increase in revenue of £25bn above the norm. For the smallest businesses, the increase in revenue from more effective business planning could equate to thousands of pounds per year.

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