Farming & Rural Industries

Every industry sector is different, and businesses operating within farming, agriculture and other rural industries have distinctive considerations which deserve special attention.

Our specialist team, has developed over many years and maintains close links with both its clients, its network of professional advisers and influential organisations and people supporting the sector.

We pay close attention to what goes on in the sector, instilling a thorough knowledge of policies and grants throughout our team, and living up to our excellent reputation among agricultural and rural businesses across the South West.

Naturally, we take away the burden of all HMRC compliance to meet your statutory obligations, and are also aware of the idiosyncrasies of farm accounts and are well versed in satisfying the needs of farming families across generations.

Our expertise extends beyond the traditional accounting role to include an understanding of common agricultural policy reform,  farm tenancies and specialist farm taxation:

  • Preparation of budgets and cashflow forecasts to restructure finance or provide new sources of working capital
  • Creation and appraisal of diversification plans and alternative income sources
  • Advising on practical and tax implications of compensation monies and grant funding
  • Knowledge of specialist farm office systems, from operational support to training
  • Outsourcing of financial services including VAT, bookkeeping, recruitment, HR, secretarial support and payroll bureau
  • Succession planning to handle changes in ownership and management, for both family members and recruited staff
  • Tax advice, with particular emphasis on the central role that Capital Gains and Inheritance Taxes play

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For further details of our advisory services and to chat about your own requirements, please call the team on 01454 415645, or get in touch with one of our specialists directly.

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