Advisory Services

Burton Sweet’s way of working may not be unique, but we certainly believe it sets us apart from many. Far from being a group of solely (and soulless) number crunchers, we are a mixed team of people that provides expertise and experience in a diverse range of business and commercial sectors.

Yes, we can complete your tax return. And yes, we can submit your company’s confirmation statement to Companies House. But our ability to provide broader advisory services means we often become vital partners to our clients, helping them to steer their course through the business world.

Business development

All businesses are fluid and all go through a life cycle. We’re here to help at every stage, from starting out through growth, acquisition and consolidation towards your preferred exit. Experience shows that the more involved we are, the better positioned you are to cope with the trials and tribulations of being in business.

Our business development services cover:

  • Management accounting around key performance indicators
  • Business and financial planning including health checks, valuations and forecasts
  • Raising finance and credit
  • Training and development
  • Forensic investigations
  • Clear advice for personal and capital tax planning
  • Legal consultancy and advisory services
  • Restructuring
  • Sales, Acquisitions, MBOs, MBIs
  • Disposal
  • Exit strategy

Get in touch

For further details of our advisory services and to chat about your own requirements, please call the team on 01454 415645, or get in touch with one of our specialists directly.


Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins