Management Information

Information is the key

Whilst financial accounting is mandatory and compliance-led, management accounting helps managers analyse backwards and predict forwards. There are countless ways of collecting and delivering such information, from analysing a spreadsheet to the latest technology.

At Burton Sweet, we work with a range of desktop and cloud accounting software solutions, including Xero, Sage One, Sage, Quickbooks and others.

Working with accounting solutions such as these, we can determine your key performance indicators which will genuinely help you make decisions, both on a daily operational basis and for longer term planning. If you don’t know where you are, how can you know where you’re heading? Or when you’ve got there?

There are a vast range of services and tools available with all accounting software solutions, and they vary between individual offerings:

Our advisers will help to design, install and train your staff on appropriate technology, including back-ups, reporting and writing macros to pull together relevant data. Among other bespoke solutions, we have developed a toolkit suite of reports which can pull data from your desktop accounting software into Excel.

Benefits of our desktop toolkit:

• Save time preparing reports
• See your data the way you want
• See long term trends in your data
• See who you are selling which products and services to, and how much you are making
• Check your VAT automatically
• See a summary of your projects

Cloud accounting is the use of online accounting software where your data and software are stored on the internet, rather than on your computer hard drive. It can be accessed at any time, in any place, from any device that has internet access.

We find that many of our small business owners prefer Cloud based accounting software because it offers total control – they can see at a glance how they’re doing and it is highly intuitive to use. It can provide you with everything you need, including invoicing, bank reconciliation, reporting, contacts etc., to run your entire business more efficiently.

We can work with you to set up or migrate you to a cloud system from your current system. We will liaise with, and support your bookkeeper to produce more accurate and relevant data, then use this to report, interpret and advise you about your business.

Benefits of Cloud-based Accounting Solutions:

• Easy to use
• Saves you time
• No IT headaches
• Flexibility
• Data security
• More informed decision-making

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