Payroll Support

Our payroll bureau exists to take away the hassle of dealing with salary payments. Having staff may start off relatively simple but can quickly develop into a complex hotchpotch with bonuses and deductions to sort out and a need to understand student loan repayments, apprenticeship rewards, pension contributions, statutory sick pay and maternity/paternity pay, as well as having a whole range of HMRC departments to deal with.

We are an experienced payroll team, able to offer continuous support to meet weekly or monthly deadlines for payslips and deductions, as well as providing annual summaries and online filing on your behalf. Occasional demands, such as joiners and leavers, are dealt with just as promptly and efficiently.

Going Beyond

Looking after a staff of fifty is, of course, more involved than managing the payroll of a small business, but it’s important to realise that even one-man-bands benefit from the knowledge that our experts are able to contribute with regard to the basics of minimum wage, interaction with directors’ dividends, PAYE and National Insurance. Add to that the confusion of ever-changing rules and legislation and it quickly makes sense to outsource to experts.

We intentionally maintain a payroll bureau that is cost-effective and easy to work with. It is a vital out-sourced service for many clients as part of our overall support. For others, payroll services are a stand-alone offering that meets a critical need. In all cases, experience tells us how helpful the provision becomes.


Whether you offer your employees a range of different benefits or would like to review the remuneration package for your employees to give a mix of salary and benefits, our team are specialists in advising on the most tax efficient manner of providing benefits as part of a remuneration package.

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For further details of our advisory services and to chat about your own requirements, please call the team on 01454 415645, or get in touch with one of our specialists directly.