Working With Partners

Getting the right team of people around you to support your business is vital, and since people still do business with people, the best course of action when you’re looking for professional services is often to ask other trusted friends and associates. In a world where Google takes just milliseconds to display voluminous lists of suitable potential providers, recommendations and referrals are more important than ever.

As businesses evolve and grow, there are times when circumstances change and business owners face out-of-the-ordinary challenges which demand external advice. Inevitably, these challenges are rarely a business owner’s specialist subject, and as such, selecting a provider from a random beauty parade can be fraught with difficulty. How do you know you’re getting appropriate advice? How do you know you’ve got the right answers when you’re not even sure if you’ve got the question right? In these cases, you need someone on side that you can trust.

In collaborating with other providers of professional services over many many years, we’ve built an enviable network of partners and contacts. If you’re looking for an introduction to a reputable and accomplished expert, it makes sense to ask us first. We arrange formal or informal introductions to professionals who share our values of Expertise, Commitment and Value. It’s definitely not a case of glibly passing referrals to our mates at the cricket club; but a genuine interest in working together as a team to give the best advice to give our clients the best possible advice as part of a solid collaboration.

We connect our clients with:

  • Solicitors, lawyers, trademark agents and patent attorneys
  • Independent financial advisers
  • Stockbrokers and wealth managers
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Non-executive and executive directors
  • Business cost review experts
  • Insurance Brokers

Get in touch

For further details of our advisory services and to chat about your own requirements, please call the team on 01454 415645, or get in touch with one of our specialists directly.